Gordana Ristić et Marija Janković

Cuisine • Western Balkan Cookbook


The Western Balkans Cookbook maps the cuisines of the Western Balkans and beyond, where dishes are still prepared in the traditional way and according to the season. Sarma, ajvar, tufahije, gulaš, šopska salata, baklava, štrudla, and homemade filo pastry are just few among many dishes and desserts this cookbook attend to preserve…

It also keeps and promotes some of the specific flavors of the region, such as elder flower, quince, prunes, raspberries, peppers, lard, lamb meat, intestines, grilled minced meat, fried onion, okra, parsley, dried basil, paprika, the many and varied ways in which dough is prepared, and sweets from Turkish Delight to Viennese-style cakes, as well as many others. This cookbook is in English and it consists over 130 recipes from all over the region and images of every dish.