Bruxelles (Belgique)

The war in Ukraine : Impact on EU Enlargement Policy and the Western Balkans

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Policy Dialogue with :

Alexandre Adam
Europe Advisor, Cabinet of French President Emmanuel Macron

Maciej Popowski
Acting Director General, DG NEAR, European Commission

Florian Bieber
Director, Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz, Austria

Milena Lazarevic
Programme Director, CEP-Belgrade (Moderator)

May, 05 - 10.30 - 12.00 CEST

Against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine, this debate aims to reflect on the state of affairs in the Balkans and the evolution of the EU’s strategy towards the region.

Have recent events changed the terms of the EU’s engagement with the Balkan countries ? How should the Union inject dynamism into its relationship with strategic neighbours and allies ? What are the opportunities and limits of the current enlargement toolkit ? Can the Union’s enlargement policy accommodate the three fast-track membership applications sent in by Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova ? What are the plans of the French Presidency of the Council when it comes to the Balkan agenda and Europe’s Eastern partners ?

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