Bruxelles (Belgique)

Balkan Trafik 2024 !

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Balkan Trafik Festival is back in the heart of Brussels in open air for its 18th edition !
We are happy to announce that the festival will happen during 3 days !

All musical worlds - rock, hip-hop, ska, punk, electro, fusion, brass bands and traditional - will meet in the unique atmosphere of the festival.

Step beyond the music and immerse yourself in Balkan culture at the Balkan Village !

Indulge in Balkan-flavored delights from food trucks, sip on regional wines at the bar, join dance workshops, explore captivating photo and comic book exhibitions, and hang out with the vibrant local communities.


The sensational hip-hop band, winner of Eurovision 2022 with their hit "Stefania". They symbolize the dynamic youth of the Ukrainian music scene.

What sets Kalush Orchestra apart is their unique fusion of ethnic music elements with modern sound production, hip-hop dancing, and rap lyrics in Ukrainian.

Unza Unza Orchestra, also known as the NO SMOKING ORCHESTRA, the AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND, and DAAN join forces for an original creation !

Immerse yourself in the rebellious energy of the Balkans, fused with the contagious joy of klezmer music, all sublimated by the audacity and charisma of iconic Belgian rocker DAAN.


A key player in the new wave of traditional music, takes you on a spellbinding journey through the rhythms of the Balkans, influenced by klezmer, gipsy jazz and Romani music.

Their authentic interpretation of the melodies of the Balkans, the Middle East and the Mediterranean touches the heart.


Talented emerging artist from Northern Macedonia !

Accompanied by her ensemble, will capture your imagination with a vocal technique rooted in Eastern European and Oriental traditions.


The gipsy-punk rockers from Greece, are a bold fusion of rock, ska, metal and punk, interwoven with traditional Greek music.

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