Tirana (Albanie)

Conférence : The Left in Southeast Europe – Identities and Discourses

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4th and 5th April 2024,
University of Tirana
Europa Hall, 1st floor, Faculty of History and Philology, Elbasanit Street, Tirana, 1001

The Left in Southeast Europe : Identities and Discourses

4th of April, 2024

09h00 Opening Speech

09h15 Session 1 - Party Politics in Southeast Europe (11h00 Coffee Break)
Bekim Baliqi (University of Prishtina) - Transformation from Social Movement to the Left Party : A study of ‘Vetëvendosje’ in Kosovo
Zoran Stojiljković (University of Belgrade) - Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) : Decades of wandering in crises
Jorgji Kote (independent Researcher) - Successor parties’ identity formation and change : Albanian case.
Liutauras Gudžinskas (University of Vilnius) - Searching for a recipe to organize a party successfully : application of Ostrom-Wilson ‘polycentric governance’ theory to describe and prescribe evolution of the post-communist democratic left
Jordan Jorgji (University of Korçë) - A comparative approach on the Albanian Socialist Party and the Greek Syriza

13h00 Lunch Break

13h45 Session 2 - The Left and the Others
Ivaylo Dinev (Centre for East European and International Studies, Berlin) - The political left in moments of crisis
Ervin Goci (University of Tirana) - Grassroots movements, excluded public, as representatives of the leftist discourse in the Albanian public space
Jasmin Hasanović (University of Sarajevo) - Counter-Hegemonic Practices in Resisting Nationalist Hegemony : Struggles and Challenges of Leftist Mobilization and Organization in Post-Socialist Bosnia and Herzegovina
Gianmarco Bucci (Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa) - Political Cooperation and Ideological Convergence between the Bulgarian Left and Radical Right

15h45 Conclusions

Following : Tour of Tirana and Social Dinner

5th of April, 2024

09h00 Session 3 - Political Discourses of the Left (11h00 Coffee Break)
Berina Beširović (University of Sarajevo) - The Discourse of the Left in The Context of The Union Movement-Case Study of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mark Marku (University of Tirana) - The discourse of change of the new Albanian left : from utopia to dystopia
Amer Kurtović (Social Sciences Research Center, Sarajevo) - The Bosnia and Herzegovina Social Democratic Party’s “Yugoslavia” Discourse(s) : An Analysis of its Performative Structures
Emilija Celakoska and Ana Chupeska (Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje) - Employing equal-opportunity models in analysis of some egalitarian values regarding pre- and post-transition Left in North Macedonia
Nemanja Stanimirović (University of Belgrade) - Marxist-humanism in the service of nationalism. Mihailo Marković and SPS 1990-1995

13h00 Lunch Break

13h45 Session 4 - The Left in Southeast Europe from a Historical Perspective
Artan Fuga (University of Tirana) - Transitions in Albania marked by conflicts between ex-Communist political actors
Entela Baci Hoxhaj (University of Shkodër) - Tracking constitutional reforms in Southeast Europe under the influence of communist successor parties
Božica Slavković Mirić (Institute for recent history of Serbia, Belgrade) - The issue of Kosovo and Metohija in the establishment of good relations between the Yugoslav and Albanian communist parties after the Second World War
Gabriele Leone (University of Lapland, Rovaniemi) - Beyond Borders : Unraveling the Kurdish Left in Turkey’s Post-Democratic Transition

15h45 Discussion and Concluding Remarks

Scientific Committee :
Jean-Michel De Waele - CEVIPOL, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Mark Marku - Communication and Journalism Department, University of Tirana
Artan Fuga - Communication and Journalism Department, University of Tirana
Gianmarco Bucci - Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa (SNS)
Jean-Michel De Waele, Professeur de Science politique

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