Bruxelles & Namur (Belgique)

Balkan Trafik #17

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The Balkan Trafik Festival will be back in the heart of Brussels in open air and Namur !

All musical worlds - rock, jazz, hip-hop, punk, electro fusion, ska, punk, reggae, folk and traditional - will meet in the unique atmosphere of the festival.
And do not miss the Giant Horo, our closing event on the Grand Place in Brussels on Sunday April 30th (FREE)

Lineup • first names

🔥 BALKAN BEAT BOX 🔥 in exclusivity 🔥
We were waiting for them ! The stars of the fusion of traditional music from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Israel with electro rhythms are back after a 7-year absence in Belgium. Discover

💥 Dubioza Kolektiv
They are a phenomenon of musical crossbreeding from Bosnia-Herzegovina where alternative rock, reggae, ska, dub, rap-metal, funk, rock, punk,... and Balkan music meet together. They won’t be quiet, that’s for sure ! Discover

💥 Subcarpați
They give a modern twist to Romanian traditional music by mixing it with hip-hop, dubstep and electro beats.
Subcarpați are a cultural manifesto first, then a music project. That is the reason why all their albums are free to download. Discover

🎺 Boban i Marko Marković Orkestar & Džambo Aguševi Orchestra
Everyone wants them ! Therefore, Balkan Trafik will bring the most prominent, most famous, most powerful brass bands to you !