Belgrade (Serbie)

10th festival of non-aligned comics Novo Doba

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6PM Screening : Seljak – Generation without a future

Wostok and Zlata VK, 2019

7PM Screening and exhibition : Oktobarfest – collected works
The screening of yet unseen episodes of the cult series Oktobarfest, authored by Lazar Bodroža and Ivan Gucunski in collaboration with collective Kosmoplovci, Aleksandra Spasov and others.
Featuring Lazar Bodroža and Vladimir Vuković Seljak
(...) Paraphrase is the widest definition of another remarkable project intitiated by the team Bodroža/Seljak/Gucunski : a lo-fi video series titled Oktobarfest, also described as a “net show – a melodrama on initiation and growing up”. Very soon, Oktobarfest became one of the most visited and watched video works on Kosmoplovci’s website.
(...) It was named after the famous “generational” film of the 80s. Based on the common mythology of the “golden age” of the 80s, in film, literature and music, which was extremely present in everyday parlance, the authors of the series, all born between 1980 and 1985, had no trouble re-actualizing this mythological legacy and almost instinctively reconstructing the atmosphere and the jargon. By paraphrasing and using vaguely concealed quotes they reveal a comical incongruity between the pathos of this mythology and their own experiences, which also showed the problematic position of the ones who transmitted this image. (...)
Aleksandra Sekulić „Introduction to Kosmoplovci“(2006), magazine Reč, ed. Dejan Ilić, Belgrade ;
Fabrika knjiga, pg. 221



4PM Comics workshop

7PM Exhibition : John Andersson - From the most dramatic zone of the stratosphere - an exhibition set in Jona Blund Nation.
John Andersson sees things. He is flooded by images. No matter how fast he can draw, there is no way he can catch up. John Andersson is the medium for an unstoppable stream of visions of 20th century pop culture against a backdrop of dull suburban architecture from the golden era of Swedish socialism. No matter how strange or far or deep the visions go they are always rooted at home : the last stop on the green subway line south, a Stockholm satellite center surrounded by tower blocks, a square and a few shops – groceries, tobacco, flowers, hairdresser, a cafe and a restaurant with alcohol license. A home with a spectacular view over the southern suburbs, salmon colored 50s architecture, green parks and concrete public art. A magical place with a portal to a third dimension. The future is not what it used to be, says John Andersson. It’s too dystopian these days. Once the future used to be soaked in sweet nostalgia.


9PM Exhibiton : Điki collages
Điki Collages : Which Came First ?
From the rich cut-paste tradition of Mubareć collective, Điki collages have grown their own wings and they’re still acting like young chicks, abandoned and wild. However, they’re ok, as long as you don’t ask them which is the oldest, impulse or intent ? But after all you would have to know this in order to understand the art, which is now exclusively before you, so in case you do have an answer, please, keep it to yourself.
This exhibition will present only the best collages made at sporadic collage workshops at MKC Kombinat during the previous year. The themes of the workshops were the following : Buy me a pair of squeaky sandals, She used to be so pretty, Chetniks and fruit, She’s blocking me, all Memories Clear, Open your door to me, War of the Worlds, Fawns and stress, and All my Korać’s.

9.30PM Concerts :
NW aka Nurdin William (France)

An accident naturally uncontrolled ? Brutist wire-less action. Developing manipulation of feedback, buccal basics and words, with the help of a headset-mic and contact-mic, plugged into a homemade fuzz pedals, connected into a wireless system, worn with a belt to be free to move all around everything...

New mutations of old bearded eggs also known as KBB.



8PM Exibition : A Clockwork Egg by Boris Pramatarov (Bulgaria)

Boris Pramatarov is a Bulgarian artist born in 1989, who lives and works in Belgium. He works ceaselessly and would probably not even know how to stop even if he wanted to. He weaves his paintings and drawings obsessively fighting the emptiness of space. This is the truth in one world. In some other, he is couple of thousands-years old in any direction from the present. He is known in intermolecular galaxies as the creator of an explosive device which when activated releases an infinite amount of imaginaria.
Boris’s exhibition The Devil’s (Clockwork) Egg is a very precise mechanism, a naturally perfect balance of egg white and egg yolk, of light and dark. This filigree egg did not swallow the chariots, the kings and the crowns, and its exterior is not covered in Christian allusions. This egg gives unto us primal images of intertwined reality and imagination, accuracy and unpredictability, animals and machines.
Pramatarov has exposed his inner layout and revealed all the niches and the snaky corridors covered in mud and the flurry of insects and arthropods and now they’re all slowly writhing and wriggling in the sun in front of all of us. This selection of works is trying to communicate with us the author’s deepest doubts and issues.

9PM Concert : Vasja Ris Lebarič (Slovenia)
From the space station Czentrifuga, from beyond the known universe, across the Grapefruit galaxy and over the seven hemispheres, through black holes and star dust, comes the Vasjaverse to present the Space Silence. What’s that sound ? Some kind of hum ? The Vasjaverse is shrinking to a singularity and is about to explode ! A new Big Bang ! A different sound of the universe ! Dangerous frequencies ! The beginning of a new story. In space everything rings – images are worth more than a thousand words.


5PM Fijuk fair

Public merriment for the masses, an ocassion made for people to visit and have a good time but also buy something nice for themselves or their dearest. We are the cheapest, we have what others only dream of. A huge party of the Novo Doba festival. Come, don’t be afraid, you’ll get out alive. After 10PM, there will be an entrance fee of 200 dinars.
11PM Concerts :

ZALET (Serbia)
Founded as an art movement in 2004 in the city of Zaječar and made of people who dreamed of waking the listless and passive environment around them, so, in 2005, they launched the unique ZALET festival, which aims to make quality, avant-garde and innovative artists more visible to the public.
The festival of contemporary art, ZALET, is made up of a bundle of various happenings whose aim is to initiate, organize and hold cultural events, to affirm the artists and to serve as a communication medium for various artistic expressions and tendencies. ZALET crew will be represented at this year’s Novo Doba festival by :
Traditional food from the southeast of Serbia. A show made up of music, smells and dance. We come from the city of Zaječar to stir your raw suppressed emotions well and to enjoy the ensuing feast. When you take a whif of Prženo, your legs start to dance immediately to the rhythm of paprika, tomatoes and onions being chopped, your stomach belches out our next-to-last song, while we ask Vesna what is your name ? What do you mean you don’t know ? Eat up !
Fokus and Jić are bringing a romantic story about cheap labor with a taste of the finest, most refined turbo folk, wrapped in an electronic wafer covered in rap glaze, as per the recipe of old marmots.




7PM Exhibiton : Fotoshok (first part)
Fotoshok as an exhibition are two exhibitions. God knows how many authors, on two locations, with collages and montages, and behind it all – Le Dernier Cri, a collective which for 25 years has promoted and practiced mixing comics and collages, drawings and collages, screen printing or animation.
Based on sampling, repetition, intentional negation of synthesis, but also an affirmation of impossible syntheses. All of these elements are well-known since, pardon me, the historical avant-garde : quoting and selecting and combining and contrasting, as well as shocking. The known possibilities of montage attraction or intellectual constructivist montage – it’s all there, methodologically different practices, but, what’s most important for the times to come – is basically adopting toxic as familiar.

8PM Concert :
Laura Höldein (Spain)

Anatomia Humana Desmontable is the solo musical Project of Laura Höldein. She makes science fiction music with overlapping layers of synthesizers and voice, where she’s explored the limits of music since 2013. Halfway between noise and pop, dark wave and industrial, her lyrics, in Spanish or French, are sometimes poems-collages or inspired by literature, and post-apocalyptic atmosphere.
She has edited four references in cassette, the first ANATOMIA HUMANA DESMONTABLE (Demonodrome, 2014), the second a Split with the duo Magmadam titled MEDUSA ELÉCTRICA (Demonodrome, 2016), then PASAJERA PAUSA (Conjunto Vacio, 2017). In July of this year she released QVANTVM QVATRO (Demonodrome 2019), her last work that will come to present live for the first time in Belgrade.


10.30PM Exhibition : Fotoshok (second part)
Fotoshok is an exhibition of collages and photomontages of numerous authors gathered around Marseille-based collective Le Dernier Cri. The first part of the exhibition starts at 7PM at Remont gallery, while this second part continues the shocking display which will be accompanied by the screening of the film MONDO DC.
All the anthropomorphic elements, and all the other elements, suffer démontage, in order to produce a single temporally precise mixture of anatomical-social-human, as well as mechanical-technological and other flora and fauna. The result is bug-machines and human-reliefs. At the level of content, the thing is pretty clear or unclear, but only to the extent that matches our speed of shuffling images over our retinas in seconds per millimeter. A more important leap is not on the level of content at all, rather a non-anthropomorphic vision which absorbs all colors, halftones and symmetries.

Samplerman starts with comic book components (American ones, with a certain quality of color and paper) and remixes them into his non-narrative comics, Fredox works with comics that were began by another author (Leo Quevrieux) and using collage creates in these unfinished comic strips an uber-narrative situation, which breaks the linear, pure logic, traversing the road toward the impossible, while Bolino uses the collaged strip further as a template for his drawings. The elegant noir and then the extravagant turmoil, if it isn’t shocking then it’s kaleidoscopically questionable. You can see anything, feel free to look around.

11PM Concerts :
Feberdröm (Sweden)

Feberdröm mixes minimal rhythms and abrasive loops and a bit softer abstract electronics into a mixture of dark psychedelia and apocalyptic industrial.

Lenhart Tapes (Serbia)
Ethno noise samples are going back to their roots, in places no one wants them, in the wrong time and place. Surprise. Destiny. Encounter with gods and slaves. Snow falling in spring, trees budding in winter, migratory birds don’t fly south anymore.




8PM Exibition : Noah’s Karma by Goran Dačev and Aleksandar Stankoski (Macedonia)
We can’t argue like this anymore, it’s pointless. We are already on our way to Matrijaršija in Zemun to see together the exhibition by Goran/Kopilj/Gorand and Aca ; Aca, Aleksandar Stankoski and what they had done, wrote and drawn. They are from Macedonia, the northern one, the southern Yugoslavia, an older Greece, more beautiful and older and they’ve told us something about what was going on. They’ve published a book and this book says : it is no longer the same, it is no longer left and right but up and down, no longer politics but a comic book, no longer a territory but a map, no longer an underground but overground. No longer unknown heroes but gypsum lions and heiresses of the world’s wealth, cowboys. The negro shamans. The comic book safari. This is it, let’s have a look and see where we are, where we’re going and what we will do.

10PM Concerts :

The final result of workshops which will take place on Friday, October 11, and Saturday, October 12, at the autonomous cultural center Matrijaršija.
Bernadet Brešćanski has participated in various music projects, among others in bands such as Wooden Ambulance or Lábos Electric Оrchestra. Currently, she’s playing with August Clown, and has formed a new project with her twin sister – November Six. From classic music forms, fusion and improvisation, to elements of deconstructed pop music, anything can be found in her repertoire. Lately, they’ve been composing music for the theater. Her first album Hybrid Реалм was released in collaboration with her sister. It was released by Symposion in 2015, and mixed at Studio 11.
Bernadet has held workshops in various cities (Budapest, Szeged, Vodnjan, Munich, etc.) with local musicians. Many local authors will participate at the workshop in Belgrade. During the workshops, musical numbers will be built around improvisation, intuition and associative thinking.

12PM Kafana “Third house”
Two cherubim standing at the gates of the garden of kafana delights – Mega Denke and Maestro Denić, paving the cobblestone road which takes you deep into the astral sphere. Their mission is not to give new meaning or, god forbid, a new twist on folk. No, their passion is to sand, wax and polish the folk musical legacy from even the most minute traces of contamination.
And even though it’s called the Third House, it’s the house that keeps our first and only house from collapsing.

The program is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the republic of Serbia and the French Institute in Belgrade.