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Let’s buy a circus tent for Cirkobalkana !

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CIRKOBALKANA from cirkobalkana on Vimeo.

In former Yugoslavia, circus is not recognized as a profession within the performing arts, and there is no institutional training neither any circus schools. Still, there are some circus enthusiasts who are learning by themselves and practising even though !

Those enthusiasts from Croatia and Serbia founded already 15 years ago their own collectives and began to train together in spite of the local context of after war tension in their countries...because circus doesn’t have borders neither any limits !

The idea of Cirkobalkana began in 2013 as an international cooperation of circus organizations Cirkusfera from Serbia, Cirkorama from Croatia and Le Cirk’Oblique from France.

Cirkobalkana project has several goals such as improving the circus skills of local artists, helping them for their creation and their performances, but also to give them some know how for sustainability ; also Cirkobalkana wishes to reinforce the contact between the local audience and circus artists in the region through performances and workshops. The main intention is to set up a circus tent as an independent educative, creative and performance space and which allows artists to travel with their show and to meet the audience even in remote places.

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 a circus tent has been brought from France and rented for the summer months when the activities were happening....but bringing a tent from France costs a lot and it is only available for a short time. That’s why now the Cirkobalkana team wishes to buy a tent for themselves !

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