Skopje (Macédoine du Nord)

Trebenište : The greatest archaeological discoveries

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The greatest archaeological discoveries worldwide usually happen by chance. Today, in the Archaeological Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia in Skopje, we are proudly presenting the story of such a discovery, which happened in 1918, in the vicinity of the village of Trebenište, by the Ohrid Lake. This story is quite unique and inspiring, not only for the exclusivity of the finds or the circumstances of the discovery, but also for its international character, since archaeologists from three countries, during the past 100 years, have individually excavated pieces of a mysterious historical and cultural puzzle. The puzzle is now being assembled as a whole, for the first time in its history, yet this time with the joint effort of archaeologists from the same three neighboring countries where these pieces are being kept and presented in their main museums (...)

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March 15th - August 31st

Archaeological Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia
Kej Dimitar Vlahov b.b.,1000 Skopje