Belgrade (Serbie)

Belgrade Photo Month

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Today there are more than one hundred photo festivals worldwide, confirmation of the important role for this media in art, culture and society nowadays.

Apart from Festival Photonic Moment, Organ Vida, Rovinj Photodays and others, Belgrade Photo Month is the first large photography festival to be staged in this region. The main goal of the festival is validation of photography with analysis, consideration, presentation of photography, artists of different generations and actual production techniques. At the same time, the festival aims to present various national photographic and art scenes to an international audience and vice versa.

Belgrade Photo Month (BPM) was created in October 2014 . Creator of the festival and owner of the first private photo gallery in Belgrade, Bartcelona Concept ( Бартцелона), is catalan photographer David Pujado. Pujado finds Belgrade inspiring, but his idea to organise Belgrade Photo Month seemed almost impossible due to the local cultural conditions. The enthusiasm of the team supported by various activictics groups and festival friends allowed Belgrade photo month to overcome all obstacles. The first edition of the festival Belgrade photo month happened during April 2016 with 32 exhibitions and additional programmes (lectures, porfolio reviews, photo workshops, bazaar of photographic equipment, screenings of films and documentaries etc.)

By including photographers, artists, curators, art historians & theoreticians, media, as well as art, cultural and other public institutions in the city, Belgrade Photo Month is making contributions not only to the contemporary history of photography, but also to the art and cultural scene in Serbia and beyond.

As an anual event, Belgrade photo month will present its second year festival programme during April 2017.

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